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۱۳۹۹ اسفند ۱۳, چهارشنبه

Nut Cat


 Razaq Mamon

The cat screamed… Novakova turned her head around.

- What happened to you darling?!

The cat screamed… Novakova turned her head around.

- What happened to you darling?!

The cat straightened her tail. She put her small velvet muzzle on the tip of the shoes of the old woman several times and purred. Nova looked at the yellow colored sunny and transparent eyes of the cat.

- Darling, what is wrong? Why are you upset?

A kind of inconspicuous mist appeared in the eyes of the cat and meowed with a whimper. 

- Since when have you learned to scream Nut?

The cat would rejoice every time the old woman called her name. She once again waved her tail with the old woman’s response.

- You should stay in the apartment and play with your toys. Look at how the snow is falling.

Nut stared upwards at the woman and then started to bite the old woman’s walking stick with her small teeth.

- I see? Now you grouch with mommy as well huh? I can’t take you out this time.

Nut brooded. She lowered her head and faced down. Then she jumped on top of the couch.  The old woman got worried.

- Are you upset now?

Nut straightened and raised her ears.

- My darling!

Nut rubbed her head on the side of the couch and closed her eyes.

- Sleep darling. I will be back soon.

The cat brooded for real this time. Instead of trying to sleep, she widened her eyes even more and started moving round her position. The old woman entered the corridor and shut the door from the back. Nut also jumped down from the couch and walked towards the door and stayed there. She listened to the sound of the old woman’s breathing as she was walking down each step of the stairs until the end. There were several different types of balls with different colors lying on the middle of the floor along with a plastic mouse. She was tired of all these toys and incuriously walked passed them. Whenever the old woman was in the house, she would happy and excited all the time and would jump up and down in front of her. She would even raise her two front paws from the floor and show that she can walk on two legs. But whenever she would hide the old woman’s socks under the bed, the old woman would run impatient and then she would get a sad face.

Nut’s screams however were not unreasonable lately. Nova’s health condition had changes slightly recently. She would sleep on unusual hours and then wake up pretty sooner. What was stranger was that she would go out by herself. Nut could sense this unfavourable change of things. She jumped over behind the window. What a snow! She was familiar with the poky moments of snowfall. But this time, the sorrowful awaiting for Nova’s return was something new for her. She went downstairs. The plastic mouse was lying on its side there on the floor and its motionless, silent and naked eyes staring at her. She climbed on top of the kitchen boulder table and the smell of the night’s leftover food delighted her. She took a look at Nova’s picture on the wall and then yawned.


There was no sign of Nova and this was a real alarming danger for Nut. Her ears became loose and she could no longer jump up and down as if all the playfulness has left her body. In the past, whenever she was left alone at home, she would lark all around the house. She would jump towards an imaginative prey as if she is hunting and would land on top of the mattress. She would imagine that the prey has escaped her grip, then made a loud exciting noise and then think about ways to lay another trap this time. She would skip to her right so to trick the prey into thinking it cannot escape her. In this scenario apparently, her prey was someone who would suddenly escape her trap. Nut in this case is someone who has reached the peak of her hunting skills and apparently is acting dumb so to let the prey to finally escape her grip and she has finally given up to her own forbearance and decided to let the prey go. All these imaginations would not continue for more than minute. Suddenly after that, she is now a happy cat and hence growls in victory. Her eyes would be rolling all around in the search of the prey and with a skip to her right, she now has the prey in her grip again and just like that it ends with her being the ultimate victor of her imaginative story. 

The old woman would return home and see that two of her bedroom pillows are torn apart and pitter-pattered all over the room. She would make an angry face and peak down at Nut. Nut would hold herself to the old woman’s feet and would start apologising to her just like a modest champion.

- You turned into a mess again! Why did you tear these apart?

Nut would behave in coquetry manner and then run and bite the nose of her plastic mouse.

- Agh! What do I do with this naughty girl?

Nova would sit on her bed and relax for a bit. Nut would sit on her lap in a climb. Then she would yawn and lay down on the arms of the old woman. She would be sleepy and feel relaxed on the warmth of the woman’s body. 

- My doll! Come down. Look what I have got for you.

Nut would keep her eyes closed and continue to enjoy her relaxing moment. Nova also lay down on her bed and laid Nut next to herself. When Nova closed her eyes, Nut would open hers, and silently stare at her face. 


Now Nova is quite late from returning home. The cat would not show up that she is hungry. What was important was what has happened to Nova? She climbed behind the windows once again with fear and agitation. She looked at the empty road. The snow had covered both sides of the road. She sticks her mouth on the window glass and then looked back and got shocked of the quietness in the room. For the first time, she was meowing due to helplessness. She was meowing so loud that she could not hear Nova’s walking stick noise behind the door. She suddenly came out of her agitation when the door lock was clicked open. She almost had a panic attack. 

First of all, the tip of the old woman’s walking stick hit the room floor. Nut looked up and saw Nova’s face which was bloated. She hardly took two steps forward and she dropped herself loosely on top of the bed. The cat got astonished to whether she should look at Nova with sympathy or not look at her with grouch. But she habitually meowed which was similar to her coquetry need.

Nova bitterly said:

- Nut, I am getting finished slowly. I can’t walk anymore you know? Breathing to me is as if I am dying.

Something appeared in Nut’s yellow colored sunny eyes. She jumps on top of the woman’s chest and rubs her soft tail on her face and licked the back of her hands.

- My dear, I know you are hungry. Open the shopping bag.

Nut ignored Nova’s words and slowly put her face on Nova’s face.

- My darling! Have some food at least.

The cat would not take her eyes off her.

- I know you are taking care of me but I am thinking about you.

Nut walked up towards her shoulder. Nova said:

- Nut, I am shaking. My body is becoming senseless.

The woman closed her eyes. Nut also shut her eyes and started to go to sleep. Nova’s sleep was because of her illness and the cat’s was because she was worried. The woman suddenly awoken and said:

- Nut, I am worried for you. Are you listening to what I am saying?

Nut understood her words and rubbed herself hard on the back and the neck of the woman. Then she took a sorrowful expression on her face. Nova got up and took out raw pieces of meat out of the shopping bag and placed it on Nut’s plate. Nut did not touch the food and instead was meowing. Her voice was full of sorrow and sadness.


When midnight arrived, the woman stopped moving and was motionless. Nut tried to wake her up by kissing her, sniffing near her ears and purring but nothing happened. She helplessly climb behind the window and looked around. She started screaming and kept looking at the door in hope of any help. She knew very well that she could not open or close the door. She knew since last Christmas that Nova is having difficulty walking to the market and climbing up and down the stairs. In the park and sidewalks, others would walk past them easily but Nova would struggle and take each step slowly and carefully and Nut could hear her groan. 

Although Nut was taking care of Nova, she was also aware of her own self. She would not be careless and suddenly run out of the house as the door was open. She did try once but was attacked and chased by their neighbour’s dog. She was lucky that the door of the house was slightly open when she run back and jumped inside. Otherwise, the dog would have dealt with her.

The situation was different at the park and market. Nova would place Nut in her shopping bag which she wore on her shoulder and keep the top open so she can keep her head out. She could see everything with ease this way. She was not worried about any coquetry and long haired dog jumping at her as she was unreachable in that height and it was not easy for such lazy and full stomach dogs to jump and bite Nova’s bag. Quite fairly also, Nut would not raise her voice either so to provoke these dogs. Even though, such incident was unlikely to happen but Nut would never want to upset Nova in case something like that happens and Nova may give her a questionable or critical look from the top which would indicate that Nova is unhappy. 

It was early morning. Nova was still breathing but everything was quite unpredictable. How could Nut rescue Nova from such critical and suffering situation? Yelling and screaming was still the only option she had. But was this time in favor of her scream for help when everyone is asleep?

When Nova’s breathing changed to snoring, her groans became less and dried up. Her left leg, like a senseless thing, came down hanging from the edge of her bed. Nuts got into a feeling of danger and climb down from the chest of the woman and rubbed herself on her feet.

These efforts did not change Nova’s situation and so Nut screamed loud and struck herself onto the wall. She kept meowing near the door and with extreme nervousness started yowling. She jumped up and down. The flesh under her throat started throbbing as it dried up. She collapsed to the floor on her back with her legs upside and straightened. After a short moment, once again she got up and struck herself on the wall. Her head become loose. She opened and closed her mouth several times. A colourless liquid dripped down from the corner of her mouth and drew a line on the carpet.


Nova, shortly before the sunrise, came out of the critical situation. As she was feeling tired, without opening her eyes, she calmly turned to the side and went to normal sleep.